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Shri Rajesh Agrawal
The only thing that is constant in todays world is change. in tis ever changing globalized environment ,holistic personality development coupled with a practical quality education has become a pre-requistic to a succesful careers.educations institutes in india have to take on the challenges of keeping up with the country's promise of developing the best and the most efficient human resources in the world. "personalities are born from opportuni...
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Shri Ramesh Agrawal
Dear Students, Maharaja Agrasen International College is one of the leading Educational Institutions of Chhattisgarh. We believe that life nourished with knowledge stirs up our potential and takes us beyond our capabilities. We wish to implement an Educational System which reflects our society and prepares our students for their future. We recognize students as the future of the country and aim to groom them as competent professionals as well ...
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Praharsh Pramod Agrawal
MAIC was established with a vision to provide excellent academic facilities to the naïve students of Chhattisgarh. Over a period of year the college has achieved the No- 1 Ranking amongst the undergraduate colleges in Chhattisgarh. The Institution has tried to blend efficient learning and exciting extracurricular activities due to which it remains a popular institution among the students of Raipur. I extend my heartiest wishes to all Studen...
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Dr. Jyoti Janswamy
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About Maharaja Agrasen International College

  • Maharaja Agrasen International College (MAIC) is affiliated to Pt.Ravishankar Shukla University,Raipur (C.G).

    MAIC in the last three decades has striven for excellence in education and the future of students joining MAIC.Situated in the center of the city and at the prime location of Samta Colony, it is well equipped with AC classrooms, hi-tech computer laboratory, e-library, spacious reception lounge, A/C Canteen and a lush green campus.


Bachelor of Vocational Education in Interior Design

  • Being affiliated to Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University and IIID, Mumbai, the exhaustive syllabus comprises of subjects like Design, Interior Construction and Materials, Services, Graphics, Interior Landscaping, Specification and Estimating and Professional Practice with Practical Training in the Final year. The course is covered through lectures, audio-visual presentations and seminars, while special stress is given to site visits, industrial visits and market surveys. Personality and communication skills of the students is enhanced through panel juries, case study presentations and interactions with external jurors. Sculpture workshops have been very integral in developing the three dimensional visualisation of the students. Workshops are also conducted in sketching, model making and rendering techniques. Over and above all these are the computer softwares which are part of the curriculum. Autocad, Google Sketch Up , Photoshop and 3D Max are the softwares which prepare the students for the real world and the Interior Designer's fraternity.

    Students having completed the course are now successful practitioners in the field. While some are working as interns and assistants with Architects, there are others pursuing further studies in Mumbai and Bangalore. The education imparted here has also been very useful in clearing NATA examinations for some. This is thus, a stepping stone for the endless possibilities that await.

    We at the college are very proud of “IMAGICA”, an exhibition put up by the students, which is nothing less than a festival for us. It is a proud showcase of all that is done by the students during the academic session and is elaborately put up with great enthusiasm and fanfare.

    MAIC Academy of Interior Design has a holistic approach towards the subject and is committed to the betterment of the students. We strive towards giving the society, professionals, who design with their hearts and deliver with their heads.

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