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MAIC Management along with faculty is of firm conviction that students must be imparted Value Based Education (VBE). VBE includes inculcating soft and professional skills, domain knowledge, imbibing moral values and ethics; and holistic personality development. Learnvilla certification course helps students to become better executives in their respective fields and become socially as well as financially responsible citizens of our esteemed nation.

Skill Development Program

MAIC wants its students to excel not only academically but professionally too. Skill development program increases the student’s understanding of outside world, its expectations, renders them with tools for their upcoming challenges in the life. To cope up with the increasing pace and changes in modern lives, students need new skills and abilities to deal with stress and frustration.

Skill Development Program inculcates in students how to be calm and patient in the adverse circumstances of life. It focuses that students build a habit and practice new skills in their daily routine. This program also includes one to one interview sessions for their confidence and career building. MAIC strives to provide a good skill development program for holistic development of the students.

MAIC Rovers & Rangers

The purpose of Rovers and Rangers is to develop inherent potential of young people by providing them number of structured activities in order to make them physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually strong and useful citizens of our Nation.

The Rovers and Rangers wing has started from 2010 under the guidance of Hon’ble Shri Rajesh Agrawal, National Council Member, State working President, State Commissioner Scout, District President, MAIC President of Scout and Guide.

Sports & Gym

Sports is an integral part in the development process of an individual. It is a recreational activity which maintains both the physical and psychological health of an individual. Keeping this in mind, MAIC conducts indoor and outdoor sports throughout the year. Students actively participate in these sport activities with great enthusiasm. Many events are organized for boys and girls. The Indoor games are Table Tennis, Chess, Carom and outdoor games include Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Cricket, Javelin Throw, Tug of war, and many others.

College Events

College days are among the best days of everyone’s life. So, MAIC organizes different types of events on regular basis. Many spiritual events like Ganesh Chaturthi, Saraswati Pooja are organized in large scale. MAIC College Annual Function is one of the best events that happen every year. Senior students whole heartedly welcome their juniors through Fresher’s Party and in return senior students also receive a grand Farewell party at the end of session. Teachers’ Day is celebrated with lots of music, singing and dancing throughout the day. Students participate in all these events with great zest, vibrancy and elation.


Discipline is the most essential to live a successful and happy life. It refers to punctuality, following rules and being organized in every aspect of life. MAIC ensures to instill discipline in all students. Once a student enters into the College, he is not permitted to go outside the college premises until all the classes are over for the day. College gates remain close for the entire day with proper attentive security guards. Strict action is taken on students who do not reach college on time.


MAIC College has established itself in many fields. Our students participate in many inter college sports and cultural competitions in many levels every year and bring laurels to the College. In 2018, our students have won in inter college chess tournament, open volley ball tournament, football and many others.

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