Dr. Ramkrishna Rao
Dear Students, We aim to not just impart knowledge to the students but also to inculcate in them wisdom comparison and a humanitarian spirit. We feel that for an individual dreaming is the most essential part of his life in order to attain the objective of life. Dreams have explosive power that can even transform a slothful one to the most hardworking one. We not only believe but also we dream and make our dreams our vision. My vision as the Vice Principal of this College is to achieve a position where my students come out with flying colours in each walk of their life. I not only dream to see my students as best scholars but I dream to see them as best human beings. Our vision is to make every possible effort that can create such an environment for our students that can arouse humanity in them, brings out the best of them in their respective careers, held their heads high with pride for being truthful no matter what ever may be the circumstances and will make them contribute to the development of this nation.