Shri Rajesh Agrawal
The only thing that is constant in todays world is change. in tis ever changing globalized environment ,holistic personality development coupled with a practical quality education has become a pre-requistic to a succesful careers.educations institutes in india have to take on the challenges of keeping up with the country's promise of developing the best and the most efficient human resources in the world.

"personalities are born from opportunites "is fact that every student of MAIC can testify to we at MAIC take pride in the fact that in a spam of just 3 years since our inspiration ,we are one of the rare premier institutions in the state

we are setting new educational standards in the techno-commercial field with the assistance of our faculity's cretive and innovations competencies. we have taken it upon ourselves to cradle the developments of every students and to provides them with all ingredients necessarys to overcomes every challangesin the real world. .there is a reasons our motto is,"you are the creator of your own destiny," the same reason we give our students enough liberty to explore themselves and develop their niche.

our growth, being exponential has been a perfect compliment between academics infrastructures and extracurricular .we have always kept challengings ourselves to strive for excellences ,a goal that seems clearer and nearest every day .it's a long and difficult journeys ahead ,and we have never been more prepared.