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Life Skills : Relationship Building and Career Guidance

(29 Aug 2018)

In session 1, topic was development of Career, in which he adviced student to be particular regarding future of life i.e. Career. The aim you want to achieve should be clear. You must have to analize your ability and potential to move forward & adopt your Career. Along with certainity we must have proper skill, guidance, planning and strategies for our achievement. If one is properly planned & have clear vision and guidance regarding Career, one can achieve its goal easily. She also added always to think high as “Sky is limit” your positive attitude makes thing easier and accessible to you. Session 2 & 3 taken by Ms. Sapna Golcha & Mr. prince Lodha, under tilte “Tasmay Shri Guruve Namah”. In this session they taught students regarding relation building with your teachers. As they told, all the efforts of teacher revolve around changing one’s mind and betterment of individual student. She told the importance of teacher in one’s life. Upliftment’s of one’s life is largely depends on how much he is connected with his teacher. We have to pay gratitude to our teacher in each step of life what we achieve today is due to our teachers. Trainers make various activities for students to make them connected with teachers.