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(19 Dec 2018)

- Trainer Ms. Drishti Kothari explained the students that the path to success is full of hurdles and gave them the FIVE MANTRAS to put their action plans into implementation which are:- 1. Now on Never:- It is very important to put physical stress on the plans chalked out for the proper implementation and if just takes a fraction of second to decide what we want and all our decision are based on it. 2. Celebrate Near Wins: - Success is momentary and short lived, don’t wait for success and celebrate the milestone in the path of success and appreciate it. 3. Listen to Music: - Listening and listing out the music for each mood is good for the upliftment of thoughts. 4. You are worthily of love: - Power of subconscious mind is very strong and you can do whatever you believe if you really want something the whole universe will conspire to make it real. 5. Just Do it: - The final call which each of in have to take is just doing it whatever we want and what makes is happy. All the students enthusiastically participated in the session and interacted actively with the trainer.